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Your Guide to Getting Car Window Repair/ReplacementCar Window Repair

If you need car window repair or replacement then you can count on Grand Prairie Auto Glass to do the best job. We have been restoring car windows for years and provide a fast and efficient job every time.

How Car Window Repair/Replacement Works

Your car is a pretty amazing piece of machinery when you think about it and most of us would be completely lost without it. That’s why it’s important that you stay on top of any repairs and replacements as and when you need them.

Just like the rest of your car, your car window is also an incredible piece of design. You may think that a car window is just a sheet of glass but actually that’s not the case at all. If this were the case, then the smallest dink from a stone or impact could cause the glass to shatter all over your dashboard.

Instead, your auto glass is ‘laminated glass’ and that’s what makes car window repair/replacement possible in many cases.

What this means is that your car window is made from two pieces of glass pressed together with a thin layer of transparent rubber or plastic in between. This adds insulation but more importantly, it also clings to the glass and holds it in place. It is a stone or pebble hits the glass then it will be unlikely to go all the way through both layers meaning your car won’t be compromised. Even when it does, the laminate plastic will hold the broken glass in place so that it doesn’t completely collapse inwards.

Repair or Replace

This is why it’s possible in many cases to restore a car window without needing to take the glass out entirely. When you bring your car into us and only the outer layer of glass is damaged, we’ll empty out the gap and then fill it with a resin. The resin will fill the gap and will then harden into a transparent and rigid material that looks identical to your glass. That will prevent the damage from progressing and it will ensure you can still see through the glass easily.

If the stone has gone all the way through both layers, the windshield should still be held firmly in place. We’ll then carefully remove it and provide you with a brand new car window just as good as the original. We bond this in place to the frame of your car to ensure that it’s securely held and able to support the strength of your car itself. It’s the same for the other windows around your car, including your passenger seats.

Even though a passenger-side window isn’t what you’ll be looking through all the time, it’s still important to get car window repair/replacement here as a chip can make it hard for you to see your blind spot and will also damage the security and the look of your vehicle.

How to Get Car Window Repair/Replacement

If you are in need of window repair in Grand Prairie, then just give us a call to arrange a time to come and visit. We’ll go over your options and make sure that you get the car window repair/replacement you need quickly so you can be on your way!

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